neon lights at a wedding sangeet in hyderabad, india.
groom dancing at his sangeet in hyderabad jubilee hills.
Bride takes a moment to look at the crowd during her dance performance at a sangeet in hyderabad JRC Convention
singer mika singh performs at a destination wedding in full vigour
glass birds adorn the massive stage at a wedding in hyderabad with a bridesmaid dancing in front of it.
silhouette of a mad paty at a big fat indian wedding in hyderabad
bride and groom look at each other durig a wedding portrait session
friends having a fun moment at a cocktail party in hyderabad
bride bringing in some bridal inspo with her dance moves at a sangeet
bride's mother cheers her on as she watches her perform at her wedding
groom showing off his dance moves as party papers fly all around him in a stnning display of energy at an indian wedding
group dance performance at a sangeet in india
bridesmaid dancing the night awy at a coktail party indian wedding
bridesmaids taking a selfie in the crowd at a telugu wedding
bridesmaids showing off their lehenga while dancing and setting bridal goals
crowd cheering on the dancers at a destination wedding
indian music superstar mika singh performs at the sangeet event
couple poses for their wedding photographer amidst energetic dancing
people raising a toast to the couple shot by shishir ramnath
the brides aunt blows kisses at the couple as they share a moment
the bride and groom share a special moment at their saneet shot by their wedding photographer shishir ramnath
ladoos an indian delicacy at a mehndi event before the wedding
An indian bride looking into the mirror as her bridesmaids adorn her hair with accessories
Indian brde getting ready for her mehndi with her friends in hyderabad, india
people preparing gift hampers to be given to the guests at a mehndi
top down shot of a woman applying henna- mehndi with floral patterns
a young girl petting her dog at a mehndi venue
wide angle shot of a woman receiving a leg massage at a pre wedding event
the bride's friends paint pots to be used in the wedding ceremony
wide angle black and white photograph of a chef making kebabs
bride lifts up her hands to show her mehndi patterns in a black and white image
Tight shot of a lamp in focus
A surprised bridesmaid when she is smeared with haldi on her face at a pre wedding ceremony at home
high shutter speed shot of water falling on an indian bride during her haldi ceremony
 water falling on an indian bride fom all directions during her haldi ceremony
a telugu bride sits amidst flowers being showered on her during a haldi event
a man moments before he's forcibly drenched in water as a part of a pre wedding telugu wedding ritual
profile photograph of a telugu bride with jewelery at a pre wedding event in hyderabad
A woman exudes joy as she receives blessings from her grandfather during her wedding ceremony
a woman smiling at the camera as shishir ramnath takes a picture
a man and woman showing off their mehndi to shishir ramnath
a sacred thread is being wound on a holy rock as a telugu wedding ritual
the mangalsutra is being prepared as a pre wedding ritual in telangana, india
intricate threading as a part of the mangalsutra shot by shishir ramnath
black and white shot of a smiling indian bride leaving to the wedding hall in a car
A gorgeous telugu bride posing for the camera right after her bridal makeup is over
an indian bride closes her eyes as the mangalsutra is tied by the groom
an indian bride closing her eyes as turmeric rice falls on her as a part of indian wedding traditions, photograph by shisihr ramnath
telugu wedding ritual of saptapadi, photograph by shishir ramnath
a black and white image of. a bride and a grom during their pheras, photograph by shishir ramnath
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